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  題目:An Unlucky Day 刊登日期:2019年12月18日  
An Unlucky Day

An Unlucky Day

       Last Saturday was my unlucky day. That was a shiny morning and I had scheduled myself to spend a good time at the Tsuen Wan Public Library.

       While I was walking to the library, I surfed on my brand new mobile phone to explore what new functions it contained. I didn’t recognise that a lamp post was right in front of me and I crashed into it. ‘Oh my dear!’ I yelled. My new iphone was dropped on to the ground and bounced into the drain next to it. Although I tried to grab it back immediately, it seemed that it didn’t work anymore. My parents might see red because the phone cost them an arm and a leg.

       I arrived at the library and had a long face. In order to ease my pain, I went to the multi-media room to borrow my favourite cartoon programme for watching. However, when it was the most exciting part, the machines were out of order due to a thunder attack, explained by the librarian.

       I had no choice but to go to the book shelves to search for books that could help me to complete my homework. When I took them to the check-out counter, I couldn’t find my library card in my purse. I was very embarrassed when the librarian said, ‘Hey! Miss, would you mind letting those behind you to borrow books first if you can’t find your library card?’

       Unexpectedly, Dad came up with my library card and an umbrella. ‘Amy, it’s raining cats and dogs outside!’ I was delighted and on top of the world again when I saw my hero came. I have learnt that I should take care of my belongings carefully and stay calm when I face some emergency situations.

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老師評語: Good ending! I can see a lot of supporting details in your writing.
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